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Psaki won’t give Trump WH credit for vaccination plan

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Trump’s War on GOP Critics Not ‘Helpful’ to Win Home, Says NRCC Chairman

The chairman of the Congressional Republican National Committee said on Wednesday that reclaiming the House of Representatives next year will be more difficult if former President Donald Trump follows through on his threat to back the main challengers of Republicans who voted to impeach him. In a live broadcast interview with Politico, Tom Emmer, a Republican from Minnesota, said he suspected Trump of listening when he and other party members tell him that attacking incumbent Republicans is “not going to be okay with him.” not be useful ”in his effort to win. A majority in the House in 2022. During the interview, Emmer praised the former president for bringing new voters to the party, and he said much of Trump’s agenda remains “extremely popular. From the Americans. But if Trump intends to go after his enemies in the House, it will make it harder for Republicans in general. “He can do whatever he wants,” Emmer said of Trump. “But I would tell him that it’s probably best for us that we keep these people, and we make sure that we have a majority that can be sustained in the future.” In his first public appearance since leaving, Trump attacked fellow Republicans who supported his impeachment for inciting the Capitol riot in January, listing the seven senators who voted to condemn him. “Democrats don’t have forums like Mitt Romney, little Ben Sasse, Richard Burr, Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, [and] Pat Toomey, ”Trump said in his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida on Sunday. The former president also named the ten House lawmakers who voted for impeachment, naming “the warmonger, a person who likes to see our troops fight, Liz Cheney, how about that.” “I hope they get rid of her with the next election,” Trump said. “Get rid of them all.” Emmer predicted Republicans would win back a majority in the House by focusing on “kitchen table” issues and pitting their message against Democrats pushing radical left policies. He vowed to be “very honest” about the direction Democrats are leading the nation. Republicans disrupted conventional wisdom when they won 15 House seats last year, losing five seats before regaining control of the chamber. Emmer credited the Republican candidates last year for being “some of the best candidates” his party has ever presented in the House, and a group that showcased the party’s diversity. “I am proud to say that the 15 seats we won… each of them was won by a female candidate, a candidate from a minority community and / or a veteran,” he said. Reclaiming the House in 2022 will follow the same blueprint and will require a new roster of good candidates, enough resources, and a compelling message focused on kitchen table issues and the economic well-being of voters. Many parts of the Trump administration’s agenda remain popular with voters, he said, citing all of the above energy policy, securing the country’s borders and an America-focused worldview. “I think Republicans need to celebrate these policies in the future,” he said. Democrats are openly trying to roll back Trump’s policies, he said, noting that President Joe Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline with a pen stroke and a moratorium on future fracking on federal lands. “Those two actions alone have cost us about a million jobs and a billion, with a B, dollars in tax revenue going to states like New Mexico to support their school systems,” Emmer said. Emmer pushed back on whether it was fair and honorable for the Republican electoral strategy to bind all Democrats to sweeping proposals such as cutting police funding. “We will always maintain our integrity and we will be honest. But we’re going to be very honest, ”Emmer said. “And when your conference is heading in the direction that this radical, socialist left agenda, which we are seeing happening again, and you are not standing up to fight it, you are not standing up to speak out and fight to take it back.” . My grandfather’s Democratic Party, which he loved so much, you’re going to own it. You are going to own the entire agenda. He suggested that Democrats opposed to a radical left agenda “should consider joining us.” And he rejected the idea that support for radical policies is limited to a small number of Democrats. “It’s not one, two or three or four members,” he said. “For goodness sake last night, in fact, more than half of their conference, or almost half of their conference, voted to give incarcerated people the right to vote – murderers, rapists, pedophiles. Emmer also defended his vote to certify Biden’s victory in January. According to him, there are only two cases where Congress should fit into an election: if no candidate receives 270 votes in the electoral college, or if a state sends lists of substitute voters. He dodged the question of whether he believed Trump and the other Republicans should stop pretending that the 2020 presidential election was stolen because it could remove Republican participation in 2022. “I think we’re all going together. to ensure that we restore the integrity of our elections so that people have confidence that their votes are counted, and the result is a fair and transparent result, ”said Emmer. It is the job of state legislatures to make changes to state election laws, Emmer said, not governors, attorneys general, secretaries of state or the federal government. He called HR 1, the Democrats’ so-called “People’s Law of 2021”, a “federal takeover of our elections.” “As the Americans try to put food on the table, we have a Socialist Democratic majority in the House that is literally trying to push forward what they call electoral reform, this is going to take public funds to support their campaigns.” , did he declare. . “This is not the kind of reform we need to move forward.”

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