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Psaki explains why migrants can enter the United States but unvaccinated foreign nationals cannot: “It is not the same thing”


White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Monday dismissed a question about why migrants are not required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before entering the United States, but nationals foreigners arriving by plane are, arguing that “it is not the same thing”.

“When individuals cross the border they are both assessed to see if they are showing symptoms, if they are showing symptoms, the intention is that they should be quarantined,” Psaki said of the migrants entering the United States. “It’s our process.”

“They don’t intend to stay here for a long time,” Psaki said of the foreign nationals when asked for further explanation. “I don’t think it’s the same. It’s not the same thing.”

The exchange of media briefings came after the White House announced Monday that the United States will require all foreign nationals to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter the country.

“With science and public health as our guide, we have developed a new international air transport system that both improves the safety of Americans here at home and improves the safety of international air travel,” said Jeff Zients, coordinator of the White House’s COVID-19 response. told reporters. “Foreign nationals traveling to the United States will need to be fully immunized. “

Foreign travelers will be required to provide proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 test within three days of departure for the United States

Meanwhile, thousands of migrants with unknown vaccination status enter the country through the southern border every day. In Del Rio, Texas, Border patrol agents have been overwhelmed by thousands of migrants, mostly Haitians, who have illegally crossed the border and are camping under the international bridge in squalid conditions. The number of migrants in the camp has exploded since Wednesday, when there were 4,000 migrants there. Since then, the number has sometimes exceeded 14,000.

Representative August Pfluger (R., Texas) who visited the area described it as “worse than you can imagine” and said border patrol officers feared “the worst is yet to come” .

“We are deporting individuals on the basis of Title 42, especially due to COVID,” Psaki said on Monday, referring to the public health order. “Because we want to avoid a scenario where a large number of people gather together, posing a threat to the community, but also to the migrants themselves. ”

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