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Provocative Cheney tears Trump apart, GOP: ‘We have to tell the truth’

“We have to tell the truth,” she added. “Our election was not stolen and America did not fail.”

Cheney also berated Trump for causing “a violent attack on this Capitol in an effort to steal the election ”and warned that“ he risked inciting further violence ”by continuing to press his baseless claims about electoral fraud, which many of his Republican colleagues echoed.

“Our freedom only survives if we protect it,” she said.

Cheney’s short but pointed speech came hours before members of the House GOP conference gathered for a meeting on Wednesday. At this point, her fellow Republicans will decide her fate in leadership, which many members say is almost a given: Cheney, the House’s top woman, will be kicked out of leadership on Wednesday morning, and Representative Elise. Stefanik from New York will be named his successor in the coming days.

Cheney seems ready to accept the result; she did not seek to press members to vote to protect her position. And rather than go quiet, Cheney continued to chant her message publicly, often putting her in direct opposition to statements GOP leader Kevin McCarthy made.

The straw came when Cheney parted ways with McCarthy and other Republicans at the annual GOP policy conference late last month, which sparked awareness among members of the conference that the situation was untenable.

The talk about his ouster began to snowball over the course of a week. This time his list of critics has grown from members across the party spectrum, with moderates, GOP leaders and longtime Cheney allies joining longtime Cheney critics in agreeing it’s time. to remove her from her functions of president of the conference.

They argue it’s not about his impeachment vote, but because his role is to send a message on behalf of the conference – especially as they seek to regain control of the House in 2022 – and that his individual opinions distract their message from hitting the Biden. administration and the Democrats’ “radical socialist agenda”. Democrats, meanwhile, have clung to the message that the party seeks to silence Cheney because she is anti-Trump, whose optics have resonated beyond Capitol Hill.

Cheney survived an ouster attempt in February after ultra-Conservative members attempted to impeach her for her vote to impeach Trump on Jan.6, winning a 145-61 secret ballot. That is not expected to be the case on Wednesday, although it is not clear whether the vote will be by voice vote or by recorded secret ballot.

During his speech on Tuesday night, Cheney issued the warning that the rest of the world is watching.

“Attacks on our democratic process and the rule of law empower our adversaries and fuel communist propaganda that American democracy is a failure,” Cheney said.

In a brief moment of levity, Cheney noted that previous GOP speakers had, ironically, just made speeches complaining about the cancellation culture.

“I have a few thoughts on this,” Cheney said. “But tonight, I rise to discuss freedom and our constitutional duty to protect it.”

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