Protests in Peru LIVE: Transparency asked that human rights be respected

In accordance with sutranthis last Sunday, February 5, 72 interrupted transit points were registered, five regions involved and 15 national roads affected.

Ombudsman’s Office reported that a person with epilepsy was intervened in yesterday’s mobilizations

Transparency called for human rights to be respected

The Civil Association Transparency asked the government of Dina Boluarte that the human rights of the protesters be respected.

“To date, 47 civilians —including minors— and one police officer have died as a result of the confrontations and acts of violence in the context of the conflict. Many others died in events linked to this serious crisis. Given this, we make our own the words of the Ombudsman: the loss of human lives in protests is neither a social cost nor collateral damage. It is irreparable damage that brings deep pain to families and deep cracks between us,” reads the document that was posted on his Twitter account.

The organization rejected “the irresponsible attitude of our political representatives, who to date have been incapable of adopting the decisions that allow us to face this crisis. Ignoring the seriousness of the situation will not make it go away.”

LUM is pronounced

The Place of Memory, Tolerance and Social Inclusion (LUM) expressed solidarity with the families of the deceased Peruvians and calls on political and social leaders to adopt solutions that promote a climate of peace and brotherhood in the country.

Protests in Peru LIVE: Transparency asked that human rights be respected

Podemos Peru demands the resignation of Dina Boluarte

we can peru demands the president Dina Boluarte his immediate resignation to avoid more confrontations, deaths and the bankruptcy of millions of small and micro-entrepreneurs”, read the statement of this February 5.

Last friday, dignified streetwho belongs to the party founded by Jose Luna Galvez“irrevocably” resigned from the second vice presidency of the Board of Directors of Congress.

Protests in Peru LIVE: Transparency asked that human rights be respected

13 detainees released

The director of Public Defense and Access to Justice of the Minjusdh, Walter MartinezHe said that of the 29 people intervened last Saturday in Lima alone, 13 people are already free. However, the rest will continue to be detained and must go through the legal medicine exams and corresponding investigations.

“Yesterday there have been 29 arrests, of which 13 have been released because they only passed identity control and 16 continue to be investigated by the Police and later by the Prosecutor’s Office, as well,” he told TV Peru.

Armed Forces continue to unblock roads

He Ministry of Defence reported that the Armed Forces are unblocking roads throughout the Peru.

Protests in Lima: identify the eight points where violent confrontations are concentrated

Since December 7 of last year, after the fall of Pedro Castillo, there have been 15 protests in the center of the city.

protesters called "deactivators" and activists from "front line" clash with police officers during a protest against the government, on Saturday, January 28, 2023, in Lima.  (AP Photo/Martín Mejía)
Protesters called “deactivators” and “front line” activists clash with police officers during an anti-government protest, Saturday, January 28, 2023, in Lima. (AP Photo/Martín Mejía)

Since last year the protests against the government of Dina Boluarte have not only been recorded in the southern regions, but also in the Lima’s center. Specifically, there were 15 mobilizations in the country’s capital, of which only five did not end in violent clashes between the National Police and the protesters.

Bolivian deputy warns Evo Morales’ political plan in Peru: “It is his project, the one he had in Bolivia in 2019”

Luciana Campero highlighted that the Movement for Socialism (MAS), chaired by the former Bolivian president, led events and forums in Puno where they sought to “indoctrinate and train shock groups.”

The congresswoman warned about the coincidences between the mobilizations in both countries.

23 of the 59 people who lost their lives in the Peruproduct of demonstrations and confrontations at the national level, belonged to localities in Fist. The southern region of Peru was the protagonist, a few weeks ago, of an unfortunate escalation of violence in the country.

They verify the situation of the Barrio China Army, in Ica

The General Commander of the Army, David Ojeda, verified the habitability, food and morale conditions of the troops located in Barrio Chino, Ica.

Protests in Peru LIVE: Transparency asked that human rights be respected

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