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Prosecutor requests judges drop case over French role in Rwanda genocide

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The Paris prosecutor’s office said on Monday that there were no grounds to pursue legal claims that France bore responsibility for enabling the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

The prosecutor asked judges to drop a case against five senior French officers accused of complicity in a massacre of Tutsis during the genocide.

The final decision over whether to press ahead with the case rests with the investigating magistrates, who are now likely to drop the case unless any further investigation is ordered, a source with knowledge of the case told AFP.

Survivors of the June 1994 massacre in the hills of Bisesero in western Rwanda had accused French troops of deliberately abandoning them to Hutu extremists who murdered hundreds of people in the area within days.

Last month, the Rwandan government published a report in which it said that France was aware that a genocide was being prepared in Rwanda ahead of the killings.



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