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Retired Lieutenant-General Russel Honoré, hired by President Nancy Pelosi to review Capitol Hill security following the January 6 insurgency, receives help from a “task force” of senior military officials at retirement, according to a list first revealed on Friday.

Among those officials is Karen Gibson, the retired lieutenant general chosen this week as the Senate’s new Sergeant-at-Arms. The list also includes retired Lieutenant General Jeff Buchanan, who oversaw the military response to the crisis in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria; Retired Major General Errol Schwartz, former commander of the DC National Guard, who was ordered to resign from his post by the administration of former President Donald Trump immediately after Trump’s inauguration in 2017 ; and Ret. Major General Linda Singh, former head of the Maryland National Guard.

The group, along with other members of Honoré’s “1/6 task force”, will brief the three-group Chamber on Monday on their recommendations to improve security on Capitol Hill. They are expected to address aspects such as the size of the Capitol Police, intelligence-sharing operations, and technological improvements to bolster campus security without disrupting the building’s free access to tourists, journalists and others.

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