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Progressive Group launches a 6-figure Super PAC to boost Nina Turner

The Working Families Party, a progressive group, plans to spend at least $ 150,000 to support Democrats Nina Turnercongressional candidacy, escalating domestic investment in an Ohio special election that has become a ideological proxy battle.

Super PAC spending could reach up to $ 200,000, according to Joe Dinkin, WFP’s director of campaigns.

“Right now Democrats need to go further to address the scale of crises people are facing from the pandemic we have been through to the upcoming climate catastrophe that we are seeing on the news,” Dinkin said. . “We need people who are ready to advocate for bold leadership and bold action that addresses the scale of these issues. Nina is someone who has never shied away from this.

The demonstration of independent support, which is not coordinated with the Turner campaign, is the second super PAC to run on Turner’s behalf in a bid to counter the influence of outside groups supporting Shontel Brown, the more moderate Democratic opponent by Turner.

The first group, Democratic Action PAC, founded by leftist consultant Connor Farrell, focuses its resources on television, digital advertising and radio spots.

WFP, on the other hand, funds the phone calls and door-to-door calls on Turner’s behalf.

Campaign veterans sometimes advise super PACs against investing in campaigns on the ground because they are legally prohibited from coordinating with campaigns and therefore do not have access to up-to-date voter information that campaigns have collected. .

Dinkin believes, however, that this is the most effective way for WFP to complement Turner’s efforts.

“There is a lot of money that is going to be spent on negative ads against Nina, and nothing can replace a direct one-on-one conversation with one person to talk about what’s real and what we can do together. “said Dinkin. “I would take the organization in person and one-on-one conversations to beat the attack commercials on TV anytime.”

Turner, a former Ohio State Senator and leading ally of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Has drawn national progressive support in her bid to succeed Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge, in the 11th Congressional District of Ohio. At the same time, Turner, a former Cleveland city councilor, used her television commercials to remind overwhelming majority Democratic voters in the Cleveland and Akron areas of her long history as pragmatic civil servant.

She will face Brown, a county councilor and local Democratic Party chairperson, on August 3. Given the district’s strong Democratic tilt, the winner of the special primary elections should easily triumph in the November special general election.

Feast of working families

The Working Families Party is funding PAC’s super grassroots effort in support of Nina Turner. Canvassers will bring campaign materials, including this card, to share with voters.

Progressive Group launches a 6-figure Super PAC to boost Nina Turner

Feast of working families


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