Professor is no longer in class after allegedly forcing Christian students to fund Planned Parenthood

EXCLUSIVE – A Christian student, who sued his business professor for forcing his class to fund an entity that raised money for Planned Parenthood and other progressive political causes, says his Christian beliefs prompted him to fight back.

“My money is in the hands of Planned Parenthood,” said Nathan Barbieri, a Michigan State University College of Business sophomore studying finance. He told Fox News Digital in an interview that he was “very upset” about it.

“For me, as a Christian, that’s our calling. We’re supposed to expose the bad things that are happening and not just sit back and…be abused. That’s our job,” he said.

Barbieri is one of two students suing his former business marketing professor, Amy Wisner, who identifies as an “intersectional feminist.” The university told Fox News Digital that Wisner is no longer employed at the institution. Her Instagram also stated that she was a “former professor of corporate communication”.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday by the Alliance Defending Freedom, a legal group advocating for religious freedom and First Amendment rights.


Nathan Barbieri speaks with Fox News Digital about suing his former teacher for allegedly violating his First Amendment rights. (Digital Fox News)

According to the lawsuit, the “far-left” professor made each of her 600 students pay $99 for a membership, which collectively could have been at most $59,400 for an entity called “The Rebellion Community.”


Wisner said, “The Rebellion community is a safe place to coordinate our efforts to burn everything down,” according to the lawsuit. A post from Wisner’s Facebook page said, “100% of membership fees are donated to Planned Parenthood.” Other causes he supported included those of “dismantling oppressive systems”.

The university said its business school personally reimburses students for their contributions to “The Rebellion Community,” but Barbieri said that’s not enough.

Michigan State University Professor Amy Wisner Pursues Christian Planned Parenthood

“Intersectional feminist” Amy Wisner once taught business classes at Michigan State. (Digital Fox News)

“I funded this. And until that money is recovered, until it’s out of (the teacher’s) hands, it still belongs to Planned Parenthood, or it still goes to some unethical organization,” he said.

The lawsuit seeks to bring about policy change at the university.

ADF lead attorney Tyson Langhofer said, “We’re basically asking for all the money she received to be returned to the students and then to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Nathan has two more years at school. He doesn’t want teachers to be able to therefore ask the court to order the university not to allow this to happen in the future.

“I’m true to my Christian beliefs,” Barbieri said. “(My faith) really pushed me to go out and do something, because I knew if I didn’t do it, you know, and if nobody else did it, what would stop let it happen again and again.”

The second student who sued the professor, echoed Barbieri’s concern. “I shouldn’t have to pay for my professor’s political activism…It’s a matter of free speech and I hope the university will change its policy so other students never have to paying high fees for causes they don’t believe in,” Nolan Radomski told Fox News.

Additionally, the “rebellion community” is controlled by the professor herself, which raised additional ethical concerns, according to the lawsuit.

“I’ve seen a lot of bad deeds in my litigation, but this is definitely one of the best because she has 600 students at her mercy, and she abused that power,” the attorney said. ‘ADF.

michigan state university professor lawsuit planned parenthood

Former Michigan State University professor (left) and one of the students behind the lawsuit, Nathan Barbieri. (Instagram/screenshot | Fox News Digital)

“Not only was it wrong in what she was doing. I mean…you shouldn’t take money for your students’ political activism, especially forcefully because you can’t pass the course without it. But certainly finding out, seeing Planned Parenthood and organizations like that is completely against my religious and political beliefs, it really hit me,” Barbieri said.

The ADF attorney explained that “professors cannot force students to fund political organizations as a prerequisite for a college course.”

“What Professor Wisner did here was completely out of the ordinary. She basically fabricated a requirement, put it on the schedule to join this website, which had nothing to do with the course, and she could have used the free platform that the university provides, which all the other professors use,” the ADF attorney said. “And then do this just so she can fund her own political activism . And so she not only used it as her own ideological mechanism to force students to listen to her activism, but then she forced them to fund her outside activism. And I think that’s a problem. And public universities simply cannot allow that to happen.


Wisner did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

MSU said, “The university does not comment on ongoing litigation.”


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