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Pro Bull Rider Amadeu Campos Silva dies aged 22 after freak accident

The life of a professional rider Amadeu Campos Silva was tragically interrupted.

André Giangola, spokesperson for Professional Bull Riders (PBR), confirmed the sad news of the 22-year-old’s passing in a statement to E! New.

“On Sunday, bull rider Amadeu Campos Silva was involved in a bull accident during the Velocity Tour event in Fresno, Calif. He was transported to the Fresno Regional Community Medical Center, where he died Sunday after- midday.”

“After losing his balance on the bull, Classic Man,” Giangola explained of his death, “Amadeu’s spur got stuck in the flank rope. this funny accident. “

Ahead of last weekend’s competition in California, the young Brazilian bull competed professionally in his home country in 2017 and 2018. In 2019, he made his US debut on the PBR Velocity Tour in Edinburg, AU. Texas, after having finished second in the Brazilian end.