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Prison closed for the yellow vest who entered the ministry of Griveaux with a forklift – RT in French

The yellow vest who had forced the entry of the ministry of the former government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux with a forklift in 2019 was sentenced on November 27 to 18 months of imprisonment, including nine months suspended probation.

On November 27, a yellow vest was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, including nine months suspended probation. Encouraged by the crowd, he forced the entrance to the ministry of the former government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux with a forklift in 2019.

Judged with four other demonstrators in this case, this 25-year-old employee in the fire piping had admitted the facts and will have to compensate the State: the damage caused to the building, classified as historical monuments, amounted to more than 100 000 euros. His sentence will be arranged with an electronic bracelet.

During the trial at the end of October, he had recognized a “stupid” action and assured, like the other defendants, that he was unaware of attacking a ministry.

This attempted intrusion, on January 5, 2019, marked a turning point in the social movement, a month after the degradation of the Arc de Triomphe. Quickly evacuated from his office, Benjamin Griveaux then denounced “an inadmissible attack against the Republic”.

“A demonstration is an important freedom for democracy and degrading during a demonstration is to pervert this freedom. And that is something that cannot be accepted, ”explained Judge Caroline Kuhmumch, stating the deliberations of the Paris judicial tribunal.

Two other yellow vests condemned and two fully acquitted

Unlike the prosecution, which demanded convictions for all five yellow vests for the damage to the ministry and the theft of the construction machine, the judges greatly differentiated the responsibilities of each. They fully released two of the protesters and convicted two others.

The youngest of the defendants was sentenced to eight months’ suspended probation. “You got on the” Fenwick “knowing full well that it had been stolen,” said the judge to the 23-year-old, declaring him an accomplice in the damage and guilty of receiving stolen goods. His lawyer has posted his intention to appeal.

A third defendant, who had committed damage to two bank branches near the ministry, was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment, including six months suspended probation. A sentence that he too must serve under an electronic bracelet.

Finally, a former town hall employee, who had filmed the scene, and a polisher, whom investigators suspected of having participated in the theft of the forklift truck, were released. The prosecution “continued badly from the start and luckily, the court was able to put things in their place,” responded Martin Mechin, the worker’s lawyer. In this case, “the prosecution was responding to media-political pressure”, by wanting to prosecute these five demonstrators together “despite all common sense”, meanwhile estimated Eduardo Mariotti, the lawyer for the former municipal employee, by saluting the “snub” pronounced by the court.

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