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Prince Charming’s “non-consented” kiss to Snow White is controversial in the United States – RT en français

A renovated attraction at a California Disney park shows the famous kiss of the prince who wakes Snow White asleep by the witch. A problematic scene for some, due to the lack of consent of the heroine.

On April 30, California’s Disneyland Park reopened, after more than a year of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A time used by park managers to renovate the attraction dedicated to Snow White, which now includes the final scene of the 1937 cartoon showing Prince Charming kissing Snow White to wake her out of sleep. in which the witch plunged her. An addition that is not to the liking of some, who consider the kiss “not consented” by the sleeping beauty.

The scene in question can be seen at 4:45 in the following video.

The famous attraction – renamed “Snow White’s enchanted wish” – has been part of California park since its debut in 1955. In its previous version, the ride focused more on the plot of the Wicked Queen and was called “the Snow White’s spooky adventures at Disneyland ”. The renovation of the attraction therefore takes a lighter approach to the fairy tale.

Teaching children that kissing, when it has not been established that both people agree, is not OK

Among the added scenes is therefore the one where the prince wakes Snow White with a kiss of “true love”, which journalists from the San Francisco Gate commented, “Haven’t we agreed that consent in early Disney films is a major issue?” What is teaching children that kissing, when it hasn’t been established that both people are in agreement, isn’t OK? It’s hard to see why in 2021 Disney chose to add a scene with such backward ideas about what a man can do to a woman. “

An analysis that provoked strong reactions on social networks, such as that of musician Matt Traynor, who considered that this type of reaction was “an example of what is wrong in this world”. “Snow White is a fictional character brought to life by a kiss from her future husband. You take things too seriously, ”he said on Twitter, before calling to focus on the“ real issues ”.

Some Internet users have also recalled that, in the story, Snow White would never have woken up from her sleep without the prince’s kiss.

In contrast to this controversy, Disney has already removed elements of its attractions deemed problematic. Thus, at the beginning of the year, the American company confirmed that “Jungle Cruise” – also launched in 1955 – will be modified to remove the “negative representations” of Native Americans, portrayed as savages. Last June, Disney announced that its “Splash Mountain” attraction was being revised, to remove references to stereotypes from the 1946 film “Song of the South” from which it was based, in favor of the animated film. The princess and the Frog from 2009, which features a young black woman.

In addition to its theme parks, the streaming service Disney + decided last January to block content presenting a deteriorated image of diversity on children’s accounts, which is therefore now only available on adult accounts. Are aimed at great classics such as Peter Pan, The Lady and the Tramp, The Aristocats and Dumbo.

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