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Prime Minister Stefan Löfven overthrown by historic Parliament vote – RT en français

Social Democrat Stefan Löfven now has one week to resign or call new elections after a historic vote of no confidence in the Swedish parliament. The object of the sling was his project to reform framed rents.

The Swedish Prime Minister, the Social Democrat Stefan Löfven, was overthrown on June 21 by a vote of no confidence in Parliament, a first in Swedish political history which gives him a week to submit his resignation or call new elections.

As a result of a turnaround last week by the Left Party, until then occasional support from the executive, the censorship of the head of government was supported by an absolute majority of 181 deputies out of 349 seats, against 109 votes against the motion and 51 abstentions, depending on the result of the vote.

To bring down the government, the voices of the ex-Communist Party mingled with those of the nationalist and anti-immigration party of the Democrats of Sweden as well as of the right – conservative party of the Moderates and Christian Democrats.

After 11 unsuccessful votes of no confidence in Swedish political history, Stefan Löfven, who had so far stood out for his ability to survive political crises since coming to power in 2014, becomes the first head of government to be overthrown in this way .

Resignation or elections in sight

He now has a week to either announce early elections in the middle of the summer, or resign for good.

Subtlety of the Swedish Constitution: in the event of early elections, they would be added to the ballot scheduled for September 2022, which would lead to two legislative elections in just over a year.

In the event of resignation, the outgoing Prime Minister would then leave to the President of Parliament the charge of opening negotiations with a party to find a new head of government … who could however be Stefan Löfven again on the basis of a new one. political agreement.

Dissent erupted a few days ago when the Left Party (Vänsterpartiet) had announced its intention to vote no confidence.

The reason: a project, still preliminary, of reform of regulated rents, one of the totems of this party which sees in it one of the pillars of the Swedish social model. The proposal, which appears in the government agreement signed in early 2019, provides for free rents for new constructions.

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