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Presidential: at the PS, is the Hidalgo-Le Foll match played in advance?  – Presidential election


Anne Hidalgo, who has the support of a large part of the political apparatus, starting with that of First Secretary Olivier Faure, but skates in the polls (between 5% and 7% of the votes), spent her grand oral in front of the activists on Monday evening, during a “live” on Facebook and YouTube, during which she said she was convinced she could “convince” the French .

Increase in public and private salaries, lower fuel tax, negotiations on working time, application of the right to die with dignity: the mayor of Paris recalled several of her proposals.

A public confrontation ruled out

Stéphane Le Foll did not wish to participate in this “live”, because rather than a separate presentation in front of the activists, he called for a debate. But the idea of ​​a public confrontation was very quickly dismissed by Anne Hidalgo and the authorities of the PS, because this would have led to “overbidding and division”, according to Olivier Faure, scalded by the last socialist primaries of 2012 and 2017.

Stéphane Le Foll nevertheless made a video on social networks to present his program and, like Anne Hidalgo, sent a profession of faith broadcast to activists.

For him, “the PS is at a crossroads: disappear or reappear, fade or carry a project for France”, he writes in his text, where he defends his project of a “sustainable France”, combining “The economy, the social and the ecology”.

“A risk of going by the wayside”?

“I have no doubts about the outcome of the vote (…). Mass has been said, ”he admitted, however. “I take note, but I say to socialist activists: ‘Think carefully’. In this indefiniteness, this non-affirmation and this form of inconsistency since the start of Anne Hidalgo’s campaign, there is a risk of going by the wayside ”.

“The result will be net”

Pierre Jouvet, chairman of the PS investiture commission, thinks “the result will be net”, hoping for around 25,000 voters. Same analysis for Johanna Rolland, mayor of Nantes and campaign director of Anne Hidalgo, “in view of the sponsorships” obtained by each so that their candidacy is validated. Anne Hidalgo got 208; Stéphane Le Foll, 34.

Before embarking on the campaign, Anne Hidalgo had also said to have “verified” that she was already bringing together the socialist “family”.

As soon as the vote is over, the party will line up in order of battle behind its candidate. An investiture convention is scheduled for October 23, in Lille, the occasion of a first meeting to sound “collective mobilization” around it, with some heavyweights of the PS.

“No kind of worry or reluctance”

More than six months before the presidential election, her relatives assure that there is “no kind of concern or reluctance” around her candidacy, while on the environmental side, some already dream of seeing her rally Yannick Jadot.

After its launch in Rouen on September 12, there were “three weeks with little space”, between the primary of environmentalists and the media rise of Eric Zemmour, and “the bias of a low noise campaign, on the merits ”, one explains to the PS.

A presidential campaign is like a Champions League match

But the candidate, who has increased the number of trips to France and abroad (to Germany to support Olaf Scholz, leader of the Social Democrats, and in Spain with the PS this Friday), recently accelerated its interventions in the media, to regain some visibility. “A presidential campaign is like a Champions League match. On the playing field, very demanding, we have no room for error, ”said Anne Hidalgo to ” The mountain ” Sunday.

* This Thursday, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., activists are invited to vote in the federations and the result will be known in the evening.