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Presidential 2022: LR will offer two methods to choose his candidate – France

The Republicans will offer their militants two methods, a congress or a primary, to choose their presidential candidate, LR president Christian Jacob said on Tuesday. LR will bring together its members on September 25 for a dematerialized congress, where they will be called upon to choose between “two methods of designation”, explained the boss of the Republicans in a message to the militants.

The first would be “a system open to activists, to up-to-date membership and sympathizers who identify with the values ​​of the right and the center,” he then explained to journalists. This system is similar to the primary, despite the reluctance of LR management, and it is equipped with “safeguards”: the vote will require prior registration and voters will have to accept that the file can be reused later, specifies- we at the party.

The candidate known at the end of November beginning of December

Second option: organize “a congress of up-to-date activists who will nominate the candidate”, according to Christian Jacob. LR, which had 82,000 members at the end of August, is working on the exact calendar and on the modalities of the vote, in particular on the electorate, to see “if we open it to certain parties who request it” such as the UDI or the Centrists for example, we explain to the party.

The choice will be made between the candidates who will have gathered 250 sponsorships, with the end of November beginning of December, which is “the calendar of the previous presidential ones”, explains Annie Genevard, number 2 of LR. The congress is “what has prevailed in the past,” recalls the secretary general of the party Aurélien Pradié, who hopes to see “an obvious candidate” emerge by the vote. LR’s political bureau, which will meet on September 22, has yet to ratify these provisions, before the electronic congress scheduled for 25.

Bertrand does not want a primary

Seven months before the presidential election, the right must settle the thorny question of its candidate, while Xavier Bertrand, who refuses any primary, has been in the race since March. The idea of ​​a tie-break, on the other hand, was accepted by four other potential contenders, Valérie Pécresse (ex-LR), Michel Barnier, Éric Ciotti and Philippe Juvin.

Xavier Bertrand, who left LR in 2017, is leading the polls on the right but he does not crush the match. “I will never lose my camp,” he repeated. at Figaro Tuesday, ensuring that he would go “from September to meet LR members to expose (his) project”. Already during the parliamentary days of LR last week in Nîmes, Xavier Bertrand had extended his hand to his old party by calling for “respect” and “dialogue”. “On the right, the spirit of responsibility will prevail,” he assured Tuesday.

Valérie Pécresse on the other hand pleads for an open primary “which will give us momentum”. “I do not believe in the designation of a candidate in partisan back shops,” she said Sunday on BFMTV.