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prefect Lallement keeps “all the confidence” of Darmanin – RT in French

Asked by a deputy on the possibility of dismissing from his functions the Paris police chief Didier Lallement, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin flew to the aid of the latter, ensuring that he kept all his confidence.

From the Global Security Law and its controversial article 24, to recent videos of police violence, including the future of the Paris police chief Didier Lallement, the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin answered questions from deputies on November 30 , while the demonstrations, sometimes tense, multiply in the country.

To send a signal of “de-escalation” that he considers necessary, the deputy Stéphane Peu asked the minister to dismiss Prefect Lallement, which he said is a problem: “When we tell Covid patients in intensive care that s ‘they are there, it is because they were irresponsible and did not respect the rules, with a total contempt of these patients and of the people, when we say to pacifist Yellow Vests that we are not part of from the same camp, we are no longer a prefect of the Republic. We are outside the scope of the Republic, and you must draw the consequences. ”

Responding to this question after addressing other subjects, Gérald Darmanin vigorously defended the Paris police prefect. “He is a hard-working prefect, who has never lied to me, in one of the most difficult positions in France”, he first assured, regretting that he was attacked. while he was not present to defend himself.

“I saw that he did not fail in his duties. If there is anyone to attack, it is the Minister of the Interior, “he continued, noting that the hardest part for the latter was” to see his name attached to insults while he has served the Republic all his life ”.

“Like all the prefects, all the civil servants of the Republic, the day when I consider that the people are not up to their task, I would go see the president, the prime minister and I will propose changes. Today, Prefect Lallement has my full confidence, he does extremely difficult things “, specified the Minister of the Interior before concluding:” I am not one of those who shoot people in the back, especially when we are in difficulty. ”

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