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Pollution: Cedre, in demand around the world – Brittany

  • 1 40 years of experience
  • Cedre was born in 1979, from the Amoco Cadiz disaster, an oil tanker that ran aground a year earlier on the Brittany coast. Politicians, oil companies and state services are imagining a structure capable of anticipating risk and helping to better deal with pollution. In Brest, the team is now made up of around fifty people capable of evaluating the means to be implemented to treat pollution. Risk prevention is also part of its broad field of action. Cedre’s expertise is also made available to the private sector: a certain number of industrialists, such as the oil company Total, rely on Cedre’s expertise in prevention, emergency plans, emergency management. risks and knowledge of the products used in their activities.

    On returning from Corsica, the product is collected to be preserved in the Cedre database. (The Telegram / Stéphane Jézéquel)

  • 2 A global vision of the chain, an end-to-end logic
  • The treatment of pollution requires the coordination of many services and skills. Cedre’s experts have a global vision of the chain of stakeholders and are able to follow the entire process, up to the pollution compensation funds, since it joined the IOPC Funds at the end of 2019. From prevention to Expertise in the means to be implemented, up to the compensation mechanisms, Cedre provides a general vision which is the strength of the structure located in Brest. “This versatility, which is unique in the world, is our strength,” assures Nicolas Tamic, deputy director and operations manager at Cedre.

    Pollution: Cedre, in demand around the world – Brittany
    The 12 m of the “polludrome” reconstruct the actual mixing conditions in the polluted areas. With a temperate, tropical or polar atmosphere if necessary. (The Telegram / Stéphane Jézéquel)
    Pollution: Cedre, in demand around the world – Brittany
    Thanks to the polludrome, the water is beaten according to the conditions observed on site. We thus look at the aging of the product in brewed seawater. (The Telegram / Stéphane Jézéquel)

  • 3 A permanent technological watch
  • Anticipation and knowledge of potentially polluting fluids are part of Cedre’s missions, which studies new oils, fuel oils and various chemicals that can pollute rivers and oceans. Particular attention is currently being paid to the new light fuel oils used by ships, which are obliged to use fuels with less sulfur content near the coasts. No less than 13 fuel oils of this type have already been listed by the Brest laboratory.

  • 4 An oil library or data bank to save time
  • An oil library, which keeps hydrocarbon samples and the genetic signature of the products studied by Cedre, is one of the most extensive and consulted specialized banks around the world. These accumulated elements make it possible to know the reaction of these products in water and their evolution over time, as a function of their aging. Essential to implement collection / cleaning means and techniques as quickly as possible!

    Pollution: Cedre, in demand around the world – Brittany
    The products collected over the last few days in Corsica will reach the Cedre oil library in Brest. (The Telegram / Stéphane Jézéquel)

  • 5 The composition and reaction of open access products
  • Safety data sheets are not always exhaustive on the part of manufacturers. It is therefore necessary to sift through the pollutants recovered in order to know their exact composition and their possible reactions in sea water (examples of styrene, off Brittany, or of the oil lost on the wind farm in Saint -Brieuc). This database can be consulted on the Internet, in free access throughout the world. A new activity has also been entrusted to the Brest team, which is in charge, for all French maritime territories, of monitoring and studying ocean waste, including monitoring plastics of all sizes.

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