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Polk County teacher exposed to COVID-19, now on ventilator

POLK COUNTY, Florida – A high school teacher in Auburndale was exposed to COVID-19 a week after starting school. After three weeks in the hospital, doctors told his family that his kidneys were failing.

What would you like to know

  • Anthony Dorsey, a high school teacher from Auburndale, on a ventilator after exposure to COVID-19
  • Doctors have told his family his kidneys are failing now
  • Her mother encourages people to take their own precautions

“It can’t happen to my baby – not my baby,” said mom, Lydia Dorsey. “He had no pre-existing conditions or health problems; he is only 24 years old.

Lydia Dorsey said her son, D’Anthony Dorsey, is a marine biology teacher at Auburndale High School.

“He did everything right, he never got in trouble, he was always a good boy; he doesn’t deserve this, ”Dorsey said. “I wish it had been me and not my baby.”

Dorsey told me she quit her job in Atlanta after her son was diagnosed with COVID-19. She admits that at first she knew for sure that he would only be in the hospital for a short time as she says he has always been healthy.

Today, three weeks later, she says her son’s condition is worsening.

“He’s on a ventilator; it’s 100% as strong as possible to give him oxygen, ”she said. “They have to put him on his stomach and they kind of raise his arms above him and you just watch his back lift in those jerky movements because you know it’s the machine that pushes the air and life in him. “

Dorsey said doctors told her on Sunday that her son’s kidneys were starting to fail. She admits she doesn’t know if he’s been vaccinated, but she and her family are hopeful that others will hear her story and be encouraged to take their own precautions.

“These parents are fighting to send their children to school without a mask,” Dorsey said. “Please understand that before he got sick he was in school teaching your children. Someone passed it on to him – that’s how it works. What if it was the teacher? The lady in the cafeteria who prepares your children’s food? ”

Spectrum Bay News 9 contacted the Polk County School District who said they keep Dorsey in their prayers.

“Anthony Dorsey is a professor of marine biology at Auburndale High,” Principal Tye Bruno said. “He started working at our school last January and immediately became a valued member of our faculty. He has been unwavering in his dedication to the students and staff at Auburndale High. The students respect him and appreciate his gentle spirit and caring nature. We all pray for his speedy recovery. “

D’Anthony is currently in a medically induced coma. Her family started a GoFundMe to help her overcome some of the financial burdens this has caused., or any other third-party online fundraiser, is not operated by Spectrum Bay News 9 or Spectrum News 13. For more information on how GoFundMe works and its policies, visit http: / /