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“Political life is not Koh-Lanta”, reminds Loïg Chesnais-Girard – Regional elections 2021

Months go by and excitement is building in the political headquarters as regional elections are scheduled for June. And if this date is always to be taken with the greatest precaution in view of the health situation, parties and the first declared candidates are indeed starting to organize. A permanent hubbub which does not reach the president of the region Loïg Chesnais-Girard. True to his tactics, the Socialist continues to evacuate – at least publicly – the subject of regional. Wanting to show the image of an elected official totally committed to the management of the worst crisis that the country has known since the Second World War.

I do not believe that the role of a politician is to spend his evenings commenting.

Latest example: the traditional wishes presented to the press this Thursday, January 21. In his opening remarks, no mention of the upcoming election deadline. We must therefore wait for the media to question him to hear him on the subject. “I do not approach the regional because I do not know the date, justifies Loïg Chesnais-Girard. I am not going to engage in a debate whose end we do not know. It is not Koh-Lanta political life. These are daily decisions ”. Loïg Chesnais-Girard therefore wants to continue to place himself above “those who want to import a national policy. It is because they have time. But I do not believe that the role of a politician is to spend his evenings commenting, ”he tackles. Some Rennes walkers will no doubt feel targeted …

As for the date of the elections, the boss of the regional executive would not understand that it is again postponed. “If we start to put the elections in the windows where everything is going well …” And take the example of the United States or other countries in Europe which have maintained them. Although, he says, he will comply with the government’s decision if the health situation requires it.

“Thierry Burlot has not spoken, so I will not speak”

Regarding the probable candidacy of Thierry Burlot, its vice-president for the environment, Loïg Chesnais-Girard again seems not to want to let go too quickly. “My vice presidents know that I assure them of my loyalty and they all know that if they wish to continue, they have a place with me. Thierry didn’t speak, so I won’t speak. But we both call each other very regularly ”. In the meantime, the boss of the Region prefers to attack the natural opponents of the left: “The conservative right is not my cam. The FN, the nationalists, it is clearly my competitor ”.

As for those who would like to see him play more clearly the card of a party, the Breton confides: “I am a free man. I am in a majority which aims to maintain itself or even expand. It is I who manage my project, my list freely. I am very free, with absolute freedom as I have never been in my life ”.

In the meantime, Loïg Chesnais-Girard is therefore continuing his mission around crisis management, recalling the commitment of 160 M € by the Region for businesses, culture, the student world … By the way, he reaffirms his anchoring in left, sharing the opinion of Louis Gallois, who said France Inter favorable to the extension of the RSA. “The RSA at 18, in the current period, is certainly something to watch.”

Finally, with regard to the curfew at 6 p.m., if he also says he is “in solidarity with the government’s announcements”, the elected official still hopes that a la carte management can be operated, in particular in Brittany, where the he epidemic is lower than elsewhere. The famous differentiation called regularly from his wishes.

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