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Police: Princeton man stole $ 33,000 in items after Walcott hotel room was broken into |  Crime and local courts

A Princeton man was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing property valued at nearly $ 33,000 after breaking into a room at the Comfort Inn in Walcott.

According to court documents, John David Daniels, 42, broke into a hotel room on March 26, with the help of Christina Trudeau, 40.

Trudeau, a hotel employee, allegedly gave Daniels a key and helped him load items into a vehicle.

Trudeau was not charged on Wednesday morning.

The stolen items included several power tools; camping material; two fire extinguishers; a Rolex watch; a Nissan Titan truck, which Daniels used to leave the hotel; and other articles. In total, the value of the goods was estimated at $ 32,653.20.

Trudeau admitted, while chatting with police on April 7, they worked together to steal the items and offered to return everything, according to court documents. Police attended their home in Princeton around midnight that night to retrieve the property. While there, they spoke with Daniels, who also admitted the thefts and voluntarily returned “what appeared to be the majority of the stolen items.”

Daniels was arrested on Wednesday, more than a month after the property was returned, and charged with third degree burglary, conspiracy, first degree theft and second degree theft, all felonies. He was released on his own warrant and is scheduled to appear for the first time on June 10.


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