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Police open fire on demonstration against health restrictions, one dead – RT in english

A protester was killed and at least seven people were injured in a rural area of ​​Bangladesh when police opened fire on a violent protest against restrictions due to Covid-19, a doctor and police reported.

Thousands of angry villagers took to the streets on April 5 in the central town of Saltha in the Faridpur region, where rumors claimed that a man was injured in a market during a police check intended to enforce the measures to combat the epidemic.

Some threw bricks at a police station and vandalized government buildings, set a policeman’s house on fire and burned two cars belonging to government officials, police said.

“The police opened fire to defend themselves at the time of the attack on the police station,” a spokesperson for the Faridpur district law enforcement told AFP. A second police officer, Inspector Nur-a-Alam Fakir, confirmed the incident.

A 20-year-old student was killed and at least seven people were injured, including three policemen, according to Faridpur District Deputy Police Chief Suminur Rahman. According to staff at Faridpur Hospital, three people were in critical condition after being shot and wounded.

“One of them was injured in the buttocks, another in the thorax and a third person in both legs,” a doctor from the hospital’s emergency department, Abdul Matin, told AFP.

According to police, supporters of Bangladesh’s largest radical Islamist group, Hefazat-e-Islam, participated in the clashes. Bangladesh began a seven-day lockdown on April 5, with all domestic travel suspended and stores closed.

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