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Police Officer Charged with Murder of Dalian Atkinson Wasn’t Honest in His Account, Jury Says |  Football news

The prosecutor in the trial of a police officer charged with the murder of Dalian Atkinson urged jurors to consider five “facts” surrounding the officer’s testimony – three of which allegedly showed “convenient” memory loss.

Beginning her closing speech during week six of PC Benjamin Monk’s trial, Crown attorney Alexandra Healy QC claimed the officer was not honest during police interviews or during his interview. testimony in court.

Prosecutors say the West Mercia police officer used illegal and unreasonable force in anger, before the deaths of former Aston Villa star Sheffield Wednesday and Ipswich Town Atkinson in August 2016.

The prosecution alleges that Monk murdered the retired attacker with excessive use of a tasers and kicked him at least two in the head, with the intention of seriously injuring him.

West Mercia Police Officer Benjamin Monk has been charged with dishonesty because of his recollection of the events

The 43-year-old has pleaded not guilty to other counts of murder and manslaughter, while 31-year-old PC Mary Ellen Bettley-Smith denies assaulting Atkinson with a baton in front of the his father’s home in Telford, after the ex-footballer made threats. and broke a window.

Speaking to Birmingham Crown Court jurors on Wednesday, Ms Healy highlighted “five facts” which she said were accepted by the defense “even though the defendants claim they cannot remember”.

Ms Healy told the jury that Monk’s alleged lack of recollection on three of the facts – that he had kicked Atkinson at least twice in the head, put his foot on the man’s head. 48 years old when his colleagues arrived and told others at the scene that he had kicked her in the head – was “nothing more than a barricade to hide behind”.

The prosecutor told the 11-member jury: “These three really important facts are all matters that he now claims to have no memory of.

“Convenient, you might think, because these three facts cause a lot of damage, you might think, in his case that all he did was part of an instinctive desire to protect life and them. members of them and others. “

Ms Healy added: “He was not honest during his interview and he was not honest with you about his actions that morning and the reasons why he did it.

“Mr. Monk told his colleagues in the early hours of that morning that he had kicked Dalian Atkinson in the head.

“He expects you to believe that when he was interviewed just 10 days later, perhaps due to the stress of the occasion, that important detail had slipped out of his hands.

“The Crown says the truth is only too apparent – Mr. Monk always knew what he was doing … and as soon as he realized the full consequences of his actions, he realized how much this admission was detrimental, and he sought to get him back by pretending he could no longer remember. “

The trial continues.

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