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Police investigate death of midwestern woman who won big at casino

February 23 – Police are investigating the apparently violent death of a woman who had just won a big jackpot and was struggling to convince a man to leave her alone, court documents show.

Jenny Jones, 46, told her mother she won big at Northern Quest Casino before her phone went dead on February 15. Two days later, with Jones still on the hook, his mother and stepfather pulled into his apartment at 1111 W. Sharp Avenue and found his door unlocked. Inside, Jones’ stepfather found Jones dead, according to court documents.

Police found Jones face down in his living room with blood on his face and shirt, with a putty-type knife on the floor, court documents show. The Spokane County medical examiner has yet to determine the cause of his death, according to a press release.

One of Jones’s neighbors in the converted apartment building said he spoke to her around 11 a.m. on February 15 as she sat in her car outside the house, documents show judicial.

Jones told her neighbor she had had issues with a man and that she “might have to call the police” because he didn’t want to leave her apartment, court documents said.

The neighbor said he and his roommate both overheard a man in Jones’ apartment who appeared to be talking to each other later that day on February 15, according to records.

The apartment manager told police she also told Jones about her casino winnings and the man she was having issues with, although Jones was the only person named on the lease. apartment, according to court documents.

A judge on Friday authorized police to search for weapons, biological evidence, documents identifying the man heard in his apartment, male clothing, shoe prints, cell phones and surveillance equipment, according to the search warrant.

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