PODCAST: Big Timber is a Family Affair featuring BC lumberjacks

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The Big Timber TV series follows Kevin, Sarah, Eric and Jack – logging, scavenging logs and working in the family sawmill on Vancouver Island.

Kevin Wenstob says that while working in the woods, the crew encountered many different animals, including bears, cougars and even Sasquatchs.

“I have blurry images, I saw some weird big footprints in the snow that didn’t look like machine tracks, so I don’t know,” Wenstob says. “It would be possible and there are a lot of big peaks and a lot of snow that remains all year round, a sasquatch must have snow, so a perfect climate for him”.

The show is in its third season and the unscripted format has attracted large audiences.

Sarah Flemming, a former operating room nurse, has been the company’s chief executive for a dozen years.

“But you could call it the GMK, which is more like Kevin’s general manager!” Flemming said.

The two told Today in BC host Peter McCully what it’s like to watch each other on TV and have a production team that follows them day to day.

Wenstob also talks about legacy trees and ancient forests, and what the company is doing to minimize their environmental impact, as well as his thoughts on raw log exports versus value-added wood products.

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