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PMA, embryo, access to origins: find out if your deputy will vote for or against the bioethics law – Brittany

“Voting a bioethics law questions, requires introspection on its values, convictions, beliefs. It is a time of strong reflection, which requires listening and respect for others: we must hear the citizens and get closer to the It is a matter of finding the right balance, always estimating the risk, the drifts but also the benefits.

Voting yes to a bioethics law is not saying yes to all desires, to all expectations. It is to make societal and scientific advances consistent with the law. These advances are synonymous with progress and carry values ​​of equality and social justice, which are dear to me.

The major advance of this text is the opening of assisted reproduction to single women and female couples. This text places the child at the heart of concerns thanks to recognized and secure rights. This is a great step forward that was expected.

I insist on the fact that this text responds to a reality, while guaranteeing limits. The laws live and accompany a society in perpetual evolution and this is the whole meaning of our action as deputies. I have heard, especially in the riding, the encouragement but also the questions and fears with regard to this law. We are not here to dictate behavior, but rather to offer a responsible and secure framework, so that each citizen can appropriate it according to his choices and his life course, in a spirit of openness and tolerance.

For all these reasons, I will vote in favor of the bioethics law. “

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