PM Update: Duration and intensity of any rain increases tonight and especially Sunday

Noticeable weather change today, huh? I hope you were able to make the most of our cooler and humid day. We should be warmer and stickier tomorrow as rain chances increase. We might even see some sunshine late in the day, which could trigger a thunderstorm or two.

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Until tonight : It is early evening and a little before dawn that we are most likely to see a more consistent period of rain. Otherwise, occasional showers, drizzle and fog dot the region. Temperatures don’t get much colder, in the low to mid 50s, perhaps at their coolest around midnight. East and southeast breezes can be fairly constant around 10 mph.

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Tomorrow Sunday) : Showers are still possible almost at any time. Chances for more consistent rain increase as a morning warm front approaches. Temperatures behind the front are expected to reach the upper 60s to low 70s late in the day as we see some flashes of sunshine. The more sunshine, the higher the chance of afternoon thunderstorms. South and southeast breezes pick up a little behind the warm front in the afternoon.

During the night, thunderstorms and showers remain possible, but the bulk of the activity should move towards the east of the area. The sky is mostly cloudy as sticky temperatures hover a few degrees near 65.

Some allergen relief could last until Tuesday

I hope other allergy sufferers are enjoying the pollen reduction benefits of this weather. Here is the pollen profile contained in the latest local survey, which is now reduced by this cooler, cloudy and humid weather:

The tree pollen trend continues to appear past the peak, although it remains on average at a high level:

Although precipitation currently provides some relief, it causes inconvenience once it ends. Conditions closer to ideal for tree and grass pollen production could return Tuesday, or even later Monday, as warmth and periodic sunshine could drive growth.

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