Players in the Spanish women’s football league call off their strike after reaching an agreement on a minimum wage increase.

MADRID (AP) — Players in Spain’s women’s soccer league have called off their strike after reaching a deal to raise the minimum wage, the league and unions said Thursday.

The first set of matches did not take place last weekend due to the strike, but the second set of matches will now go ahead as planned.

The minimum salary for the women’s league has so far been 16,000 euros ($17,100), compared to 182,000 euros ($195,000) for the men’s league.

The new deal will raise the women’s league’s minimum salary to 21,000 euros ($22,500) this season, and that sum will rise to 23,500 euros ($25,200) by 2025. It could go even higher depending on income.

Last season, out of 334 players, 80 earned less than 20,000 euros ($21,400) a year, while the average salary was around 40,000 euros ($42,900), according to the league.

The strike, announced last week by the players, coincided with the scandal caused by the president of the Spanish Football Federation, Luis Rubiales, when he kissed a national team player on the lips without her consent during a the Women’s World Cup awards ceremony. Rubiales resigned on Sunday.


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