Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! Chicagoans beg local politicians to close their borders – Twitchy

Biden’s disastrous immigration policies and weakness on our southern border are beginning to be felt by even his strongest supporters. They are NOT happy campers. A new video shows Chicago residents pleading with their local leaders to close their city’s borders to immigrants streaming in from Texas.


It’s very easy to be in favor of open borders when it’s not YOUR city footing the bill and having to share its limited resources, right? Nor are Chicagoans alone in feeling the pressure of unfettered illegal immigration. Recently, New York City Mayor Eric Adams was in the spotlight for his comments on the migrant crisis.

. “This problem will destroy New York City. Destroy New York City. They are destroying us…the city we knew, we are on the verge of losing.

Suddenly, Democrats and their supporters in these “sanctuary” cities are facing the results of what they voted for, and they’re just not having a good time. The rest of us, however, are amazed to finally be confronted with the reality of what they voted for. Maybe this will open their eyes to the crisis they pretend doesn’t exist.

Too much hope?

I guess we’ll just have to forget this part of recent history.

No disagreement here, it’s like the saying goes: “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” The only problem is that their gains here also affect the rest of us.



They certainly did, didn’t they? HA!

As they say here in the south, faster than a hot knife through butter!

Leftists in sanctuary cities have gone and picked a whole bunch of whoopsie daisies, and you love to see it.


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