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Plano firefighter shares personal account following home explosion – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

PLANO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The firefighters of Plano are described as heroes by the victims of the explosion in the house on Monday.

One of them shared his account with CBS 11 News.

John Mueller said his fellow firefighters at Station 12 initially thought the initial call could be a lightning fire.

“There was a big storm that passed through the town of Plano,” Mueller said. “I guess what made this one different were the reports that there was no house there, that there was debris everywhere.”

Mueller was among the first at the scene to confirm these reports of the explosion.

“It was pretty mind-blowing in a way, not in a great way, a lot of debris,” he said. “We maintain awareness, knowing that where there is one explosion there could be a second.”

The 36-year-old veteran firefighter was surprised to find people nearby, still alive.

“We were walking over debris to reach them,” Mueller said. “You would think it’s hard for someone to get out of this.”

Mueller rushed to rescue an injured 6-year-old boy who he carried to a paramedic while trying to reassure him that he would be fine.

“I have a 5 year old myself, so at this point you need to kind of make the kid feel comfortable, start talking about their favorite sports and favorite activities, and sort of hijack their mind of what’s going on, “he said. noted. “Just put them on your shoulder to go to the ambulance.”

It is this compassion that the Jageilski family has appreciated as the couple and their three children recover from serious injuries, according to a friend.

“We are grateful to the firefighters,” Mae Reedy said. “I’m not sure his name yet, but there was a firefighter who first reacted to the scene here, and knew it was a family trauma and he stayed by reece all the weather.”

Mueller said: “Everything I did would be something that anyone could have done with our team, Plano has a great department, they are a great team, I am very lucky to be at the station. 12. “

The family would like to meet and publicly thank the firefighters at Station 12 as soon as they can.


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