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Pinterest announces $ 500,000 Creator Fund, Creator Code content policy, moderation tools and more – TechCrunch

Pinterest today hosted an event focused on its community of creators, in which the company announced a series of updates, including the launch of a $ 500,000 Creators Fund, a new content policy called the creator’s code, as well as new moderation tools, among others. With the changes, the company says its goal is to ensure the platform continues to be an “inclusive, positive and inspiring place”. The new content guidelines put this in more specific terms as it requires the creators of Pinterest to check the facts, practice inclusion, be kind, and make sure any calls to action they make through the site does not cause harm.

Creators will need to accept and sign the code during the Story Pin posting process, where they will press a button that says “I accept” statements including “Be nice”, “Check my facts”, “Be aware of triggers. , ”“ Practice Inclusion ”and“ Do No Harm ”.

Image credits: Pinterest

The code will be enforced the same way Pinterest enforces its rules today for its other content policies: a combination of machine learning and human review, Pinterest tells us. However, the site’s algorithm will be designed to reward positive content and block harmful content, such as anti-vaccination sentiments, for example. This could have a bigger impact on the type of content shared on Pinterest, rather than a contextual agreement with simple statements.

The creator’s code itself is not yet live, but will be rolled out for creators to sign and adopt in the coming weeks, Pinterest says.

Pinterest announces $ 500,000 Creator Fund, Creator Code content policy, moderation tools and more – TechCrunch

Image credits: Pinterest

Pinterest also today introduced several new creative tools focused on the same goal: to make Pinterest a more positive and safe experience for everyone.

It launches comment moderation tools that will allow creators to remove and filter comments on their content, as well as tools that will allow them to feature up to three comments in the comment feed to highlight positive comments. New spam prevention tools will also help eliminate some of the unwanted comments by leveraging machine learning technology to detect and remove bad comments.

Also new are ‘positivity reminders’, which will appear asking Pinterest users to reconsider before posting potentially offensive comments. The notification will prompt users to go back and edit their comment, but will not prevent them from posting.

Pinterest announces $ 500,000 Creator Fund, Creator Code content policy, moderation tools and more – TechCrunch

Image credits: Pinterest

In line with these efforts, Pinterest announced the launch of its first-ever Creator Fund at today’s event. The fund is specifically aimed at uplifting creators from underrepresented communities in the United States, and will offer a combination of creative strategy advice and compensate them with a budget for content creation and advertising credits. At least 50% of the fund’s beneficiaries will come from under-represented groups, Pinterest says.

The company tells us that it initially pledged to give creators $ 500,000 in cash and media throughout 2021.

“For the first participants of the program, we worked with eight emerging designers in the fields of fashion, photography, food and travel, and we will identify ten more designers in the coming months for the next cohort,” he said. said Alexandra Nikolajev, Head of Creator Inclusion.

“We are building an inclusive global platform where Pinners and Creators around the world can discover ideas that feel personalized, relevant and reflective of who they are,” said Nikolajev.

Pinterest has struggled to rebuild its image following last year’s allegations of a host of internal issues, including unfair wages, racism, retaliation and sexism, which contradicted its outward image of being the one of the “best” places to work. in technology. Despite these fallout – which included a lawsuit, employee withdrawal, petitions, etc. – the issues that were raised were not always reflected in the Pinterest product.

The company previously launched inclusive features like “skin tone ranges” to help those who shop for beauty products find matches for their skin tone. It also allowed retailers and brands to identify themselves as members of an under-represented group, which gave their content the ability to appear in more places on the Pinterest platform, like the Today tab, Shopping Spotlights and the Pinterest store, for example.

Evan Sharp, co-founder and chief design and creative officer of Pinterest, referred to the company’s image as “a positive place” at today’s event.

“We’ve been building Pinterest for 11 years, and since our users regularly tell us that Pinterest is the ‘last positive corner of the internet’. During this time, we’ve also learned that you have to design positivity in online platforms as deliberately as you design negativity, ”said Sharp. “Creator Code is a human-centered way for creators to understand how to be successful on Pinterest while using their voice to keep Pinterest positive and inclusive,” he added.

Today, Pinterest serves more than 450 million users worldwide, but is challenged by large platforms serving creators like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others, including newcomers like TikTok and those that enter the creator community with their own funds, like Snapchat, which pays creators for Spotlight content, and Clubhouse, which now funds creator shows. Increased competition for the sake of creators has forced Pinterest to have its own incentive program.

To kick off her announcement, Pinterest’s Head of Content and Creator Partnerships, Aya Kanai, interviewed TV personality Jonathan Van Ness (Queer Eye) at today’s virtual event, where they hosted talked about the need for positivity and inclusiveness on social media. Other attendees at the event included creators Peter Som, Alison Cayne, Onyi Moss, Oyin Edogi and Jomely Breton – the latter two who spoke about using the Creators Fund for themselves.

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