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Pink offers to pay Norwegian beach handball team a fine after refusing to wear bikini bottoms

Pink offers to pay fines imposed on Norwegian women’s beach handball team after they refused to wear bikini bottoms during their bronze medal match at the European Beach Handball Championship.

The three-time Grammy Award winner wrote on Twitter on Saturday that she supported the Norwegian team for protesting the rules, even offering to pay her penalty.

“I am VERY proud of the Norwegian women’s beach handball team TO PROTECT AGAINST VERY GENDER-BASED RULES REGARDING THEIR ‘uniform’,” she wrote. “The European Handball Federation SHOULD RECEIVE A FINE FOR SEXISM. Yours Ladies. I will be happy to pay your fines for you. Keep it up.”

The team thanked everyone for their support in an Instagram post, saying, “You are the best.”

“We really appreciate all the love we have received,” said the team.

The disciplinary committee of the European Handball Federation (EHF) fined the Norwegian team 1,500 euros ($ 1,768), or 150 euros per player last Monday, for “inappropriate clothing” after wearing shorts during his loss to Spain at the European Beach Handball Championship.

Clothing has long been a problem in beach sports, with some players finding bikinis degrading or impractical. While bikinis are not mandatory for beach volleyball players since 2012, the rules of the International Handball Federation (IHF) state that “female athletes must wear bikini bottoms” and that these must have “a fitted cut”, be “cut at an angle up to the top of the leg “and a lateral depth of not more than 10 centimeters. Male players wear shorts.

Ahead of the tournament, Norway asked the EHF for permission to play in shorts, but were told that breaking the rules could be fined. They obeyed, until their last game.

“The EHF is committed to advancing this subject in the interest of its member federations, but it must also be said that a change of the rules can only happen at the level of the IHF”, declared the porter – EHF speech, Andrew Barringer.


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