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Pilot OK after crash landing of small plane near Magnolia

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) – The pilot of a small plane was able to escape from a crash Sunday after both engines failed.

This happened around 11 a.m. in the 29900 block of Post Oak Run near High Meadow Ranch Drive south of Magnolia.

The man was flying when he lost power in one of the engines and began to search for a place to land the plane, according to a man at the scene who said he was the pilot’s son.

As he descended, the second engine on the plane failed, the man said. It was then that the plane struck a tree before touching the ground.

The pilot suffered a bump to the head but was able to walk away from the incident, his son said.

Texas State DPS Soldiers were investigating what led to the engine failure.

Meanwhile, crews have been called in about another plane that allegedly had trouble in the skies over Montgomery County.

Dispatchers reported receiving several calls early Sunday afternoon about smoke from a plane flying in the Trero Lane area outside of Willis.

DPS officials later confirmed that there had not been a second broken down plane. Officials said they found a controlled burn near the airport.

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