Piers Morgan’s mission: to bring together the partisan “tribes”

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Piers Morgan sat down with Will Cain to discuss his new Fox Nation show “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” partisan tribal warfare, his evolving thoughts on the COVID pandemic and more from “The Will Cain Podcast” on Fox News Audio.

GO CAIN: I’m going to bring in a few first responders, nurses, firefighters, police – because I know you’re a pro-vaccine mandate – who lost their jobs today and I want you to be able to have this debate with me in front of the people who suffer from your policies.

PETER MORGAN: I don’t really follow pro-vaccine mandates. With one exception, I thought it was relevant to people who worked in health care. That was my only – I thought that was the only part that I felt was justified because I thought that if you’re working in hospital conditions, you already take on a number of other things as part of your job, d other vaccines and soon. So I didn’t find that unreasonable. I felt that broader vaccine mandates were unreasonable.

And I think throughout the pandemic, the one thing I’ve tried to avoid is being dogmatic and sticking to a position when the facts obviously change, that it’s whether it’s about masks, whether it’s about the effectiveness of the vaccine and how it works in terms of transmission and soon. And I think one of the problems in society today is that everyone is locked into their partisan tribe and then they don’t care about new facts emerging. And that, for me, is going to be a central part of my new show, which is about trying to bring the tribes together to understand that the most important thing is actually fact. And as Ben Shapiro rightly said, facts don’t care about your feelings and they shouldn’t care about your tribalism either. Because that’s where you end up, where we are today, with the most fractured and polarizing society imaginable.

CAIN: So if I may, whether you’ve been dogmatic or not in the past, you’ve certainly been adamant about masks when it comes to the conversation about vaccines. As you pointed out, I think you said something like 25,000 or 125,000 British health workers shouldn’t be in health care if they don’t get the vaccine. Are you telling me that your position on these issues has changed as the facts have changed?

MORGAN: Yes, because I think the most important fact for me about vaccines – and when I said that I think there should be a warrant against health workers, for example, it was at a a time when we didn’t really understand the whole reality of transmission, the impact of having the vaccine or not.

What is clear is that the vaccines have been very effective. They avoided many serious illnesses and deaths, but the ability to transmit the virus was not stopped by vaccines. And although you have a higher transmission capacity if you are not vaccinated, you have no capacity if you are vaccinated. So my position on this has evolved because I’ve seen the facts change.

You know, like a lot of the pandemic, everyone was blind initially and everyone took blind positions. And I’ve actually tried, as I got older and maybe a little wiser and more experienced, to understand that being too entrenched too soon in a position when things are uncertain is always a mistake. And I think that’s what I’m going to try and definitely do in the future. I think the pandemic has brought out the best in a lot of people. It also brought out the worst in people.


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