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Pictured: Porch hacker poses as DoorDash driver in western St. Louis County |  Saint-Louis news headlines

ST. LOUIS ( – After years of porch pirate incidents in the St. Louis area, one family believes there is a new twist to the crime many have been the victims of.

David Hayes lives in an unincorporated part of St. Louis County near Creve Coeur and had an Amazon package delivered on Tuesday. Hayes returned home from work Tuesday afternoon to find his package nowhere in sight. Instead, he said there was an order from St. Louis Bread Company sitting on the porch.

“Something’s wrong. I wasn’t sure what had happened until I looked at the footage on my camera,” Hayes said.

Surveillance footage shows a man with a DoorDash bag leaving a takeout order from St. Louis Bread Company on the porch and simultaneously stealing his Amazon package. Watching the video around 40 minutes after the incident, Hayes said he felt angry and raped.

“It sounded pretty deceptive and well thought out so I think they already did,” Hayes said.

Hayes said he cross-checked the order number on the St. Louis Bread Company delivery and said employees at a nearby location told him that an order was missing that day.

“It made sense for someone to come in and take this order and then use it as a decoy to deliver it to a house that has never ordered such an item and then steal my item,” Hayes said.

News 4 contacted the St. Louis Bread Company, but officials could only confirm that they were investigating the incident and coordinating with the St. Louis County Police Department. The order was also never placed on the DoorDash app. The company says it is still investigating whether the driver even works for her.

St. Louis County Police Department investigators said they had not received reports of similar incidents in the area and that porch thefts mostly occurred during the holidays.

Hayes said the Amazon package was a shirt for her daughter and not a high value item. However, he said it was the cheeky thief walking on his property and taking something that was not his that was bothering him. From now on, he will strengthen the security around his home even more.

“I have secrets that I won’t share with you, but maybe adjust some cameras and educate people,” Hayes said.

St. Louis County Police, DoorDash and the St. Louis Bread Company are all continuing to investigate the incident. DoorDash said employees are not required to wear a certain uniform. Those wondering if a driver is legitimate can follow the driver on the app or call or text them to verify.

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