Picture of Internet Delights pizzeria customers blacklisting

A viral Reddit post of blacklisted customers at a pizzeria is getting lots of laughs, as well as some nostalgia.

A Reddit user posts to the platform’s “Mildly Interesting” forum and has been upvoted over 84,000 times. It features a photo of an unspecified pizzeria and its “decline to order” list.

While some cited reasons such as “didn’t want to pay” and “threatened to burn down the pizzeria”, others included general rudeness and threats, a list of apartments where drivers apparently had to struggling to deliver food and “stiff at the door”.

The poster, which goes by u/Andrewo25, says ‘stiff at the door’ translates to someone ordering food but not paying for delivery. He said the photo he posted is from a pizzeria where his friend’s mother works.

A Reddit post discussing the many reasons a pizzeria blacklisted customers has gone viral. Above, a person refusing to let you enjoy their pizza with them.
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However, the most requested reason on the list was for a large hoagie steak pizza. As one user commented, “We need to know more about the steak-hoagie-large-pizza incident.”

The poster stepped in and provided the backstory, which involved a regular customer ordering the same 12-inch hoagie steak with provolone – along with a large steak and chicken pizza – almost every week and “always on Sundays for a any reason”.

He was described as a bit of a nuisance but was never banned as a customer. That was, until a Super Bowl Sunday.

“He calls to ask for his usual order not knowing it was even Super Bowl Sunday,” the poster said. “My friends mother was on the phone and told her there would be no way they could fulfill her order as they were criticized and as late as possible [arrive] was two hours later. He was of course upset about it and wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

The pizzeria reportedly hung up on the man, making him “aggressive”. He “burst” into the scene 30 minutes later, “causing a scene” in front of numerous patrons. No one could calm the man down.

“Eventually the store owner intervened and started threatening to call the cops,” the poster said. “He yelled back and even tried to jump over the counter, but failed and landed on the floor. He yelled again, kicked the fridge with the sodas in it, then ran out. spouts swearing never to order from there again. They then put it on the list as steak. Hogie and large pizzas because everyone who works there knows exactly who they’re talking about.”

Many comments alluded to multiple pizza places having similar types of customer blacklists.

“Most pizza places (and I imagine most delivery places) have a similar listing,” one user commented. “The last Domino’s I delivered for didn’t deliver to a specific hotel because we regularly had people who refused to pay for their order when it was delivered. I don’t know about that hotel, but it attracted people who didn’t. I don’t want to pay for pizza.”

“We had a list of them at the 3 different pizzerias I worked at,” another user said. “Most were places where a driver had been robbed, mugged, mugged or threatened. There were a few that were just people who feared and complained about everything every time, even though it was exactly what they wanted.”

One user said they moved to a new house where the address had been blacklisted, saying it “took a while to convince the pizzeria and debt collectors that we’re not the old tenants.”

The Australian publication Large format reported in 2017 that around 38,000 diners nationwide were blacklisted for failing to act on reservations, an increase of nearly 35,000 from the previous year.

The report was based on a blacklist run by Australia’s most dominant online restaurant reservation service, Dimmi, and cost the Australian restaurant industry an estimated $75 million.

More recently, restaurants and pubs in Wales have reportedly blacklisted many customers due to widespread no-shows and a growing list of last-minute cancellations. A pub manager said she lost around £20,000 in turnover last summer due to no-shows.

The BBC reports that costs have risen “significantly”. The price of fish doubled last year, while potatoes cost 70% more. In addition, energy bills increase by 95%.

Newsweek contacted u/Andrewo25 for a comment.


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