Phone cooler makers need to chill with all the ice

I don’t know about you, but when I have a nasty hot phone case, I have to get rid of that heat This moment. Just kidding, I usually leave him aside for a while or restart him when he’s particularly stubborn. But there are companies marketing a different solution: small phone cooling fans that claim to blow away all that heat. And their product images are a bit excessively icy.

How did we get here ? What started this arms race of increasingly frigid phones? I have to assume things started out innocently enough, but these RGB-riddled items are aimed more at gamers – I guess it didn’t take long for these product photos to appear. snowball in the extremely unrealistic images on Amazon today.

In this scenario I came up with, this Trakxy magnetic phone cooler for gaming is what our patient zero would look like. The tasteful use of a blue phone and the blue highlights surrounding the fan tell me everything I need to know about this magnetically attached fan.

A little jelly here and a few ice cubes. Maybe a little excessive, but I don’t think I’d look at that lavender-colored puck and correctly guess his goal otherwise, so he gets a pass.

Of course, they also have ones for iPads. At first glance, this image is rather harmless. Until you look at the digital display. Does Teesso claim this thing will drop your tablet to five below zero? I’m not sure I want that!

This is where things really start to deteriorate. Black Shark claims this will lower your phone’s temperature “by up to 35°C”.

At least this one comes with finger warmers. Very considerate.

Like the low opacity snowflake pattern overlaid on this one.

And now here is the final boss. The phone cooler to end all phone coolers. A review that no one has ever written a bad review about because their fingers are too frozen to do so. I present to you the Yanism Magnetic Cell Phone Cooler.

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