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Phoenix parents find 5,000 suspicious fentanyl pills in Glo Worm doll

Opioids aren’t something to play with, but a Phoenix couple managed to find what police believe to be 5,000 fentanyl pills in a Glo Worm doll.

The unidentified parents bought the doll from an area thrift store on Friday and made the bizarre discovery in clean it up, reported.

When the parents opened the doll’s back to put batteries in, they found a sandwich bag full of pills. They then called the Phoenix Police and gave the bag to the officers.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Mercedes Fortune told AZFamily the pills will be fentanyl because they had engraved “m-30”.

The drug is so dangerous that officers have not tested the pills in the field. “Very small amounts of fentanyl can end someone’s life,Fortune said, according to KTAR TV.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid up to 100 times more potent than morphine.

The Phoenix Police Department has no revealed how the pill-stuffed doll arrived at the thrift store or where the Glo Worm was originally purchased, Fox News said.

Officials have issued a warning to “inspect all open and used items” before purchasing them. “It might not just be pills or anything illegal, but it could be something sharp or something that could hurt kids,” Fortune told KTAR.


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