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Phillies ‘Joe Girardi stew on referee Jose Navas’ ‘terrible’ call

A missed call at a terrible time left Phillies manager Joe Girardi restless on Saturday night.

Girardi was furious with second baseman Jose Navas, calling Andrew McCutchen for coming off the baseline on a double play attempt by Francisco Lindor of the Mets in the seventh inning. In live-action and replay, McCutchen seemed to keep running, then sliding, in a straight line. Philadelphia was denied the opportunity to get the green light in goal position.

Philadelphia went on to lose 5-4 on a ninth inning homerun to Michael Conforto of New York.

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“It was about as straight as it gets,” Girardi said. (Navas) said (McCutchen) left the bottom line. That’s a terrible call, right? And for me, the saddest thing about it is that it’s not reviewable because it’s a judgment Well, I’m sorry. It’s about as clear as it can be, and maybe it cost us this game. “

Girardi knows the call wasn’t going to be reversed even with the help of the video.

“They’ll never reverse that. They just aren’t,” he said. “It’s on the screen as clear as the day. The idea is to make the right calls, right? You see it on the screen like that, reverse it. But I’m sure that their team would go crazy. “

“But that’s the sad part about that, right? Because there is so much at stake in every game, right? And I know people say, ‘Well, it’s April. Well, we were one game away from last year’s playoffs, right? And that was in September. It’s just a shame.

“I just don’t know what he might have seen.”

There was no comment from Navas or the other three referees. Navas replaces team manager Dan Iassogna, who was absent for the first two games of this series on Friday and Saturday.

Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper, who was also starting on Saturday, was sent off for arguing over the dugout.

And if Navas’ error in judgment wasn’t bad enough, first base umpire Andy Fletcher played poorly on first base. He called Matt Joyce, who hit the liner in a jump to Lindor, safely in real time. The Mets disputed the appeal; proofreading clearly showed that Joyce was out.

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