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Philippe Bana new president of the French Federation

Philippe Bana, 63, will be the next president of the French Handball Federation. The one who was the national technical director of French handball for more than twenty years was elected, Saturday, November 28.

The “Handball 2024 Let’s play collective” list led by Philippe Bana won 58% of the vote, ahead of that of the federation’s vice-president, Jean-Pierre Feuillan (32%). Olivier Girault, captain of the French team, Olympic champion in 2008 and former president of the National League, obtained 10%.

Philippe Bana will succeed Joël Delplanque, who did not stand for re-election after three successive terms. The 25 members of Philippe Bana’s list will form the majority on the Board of Directors and will elect the new president in the afternoon.

The new president will have a four-year mandate, including the postponed Tokyo-2020 Olympics, and the Paris-2024 Olympics at home.

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