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PGA Tour to Suspend and Deport Players Entering ‘Golf Super League’ |  Golf news

Players who sign up for a “Golf Super League” proposal will face immediate suspension and possible expulsion from the PGA Tour, reports from a meeting chaired by Commissioner Jay Monahan

Last updated: 05/05/21 12:17 pm

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan addressed a meeting with the players on Tuesday

The PGA Tour and European Tour are renewed “aligned on opposing plans” for a Golf Super League, with players registering facing Tour suspension.

World number one Dustin Johnson tops the latest list of goals for the Saudi-backed proposal, originally called the Premier Golf League, according to a report from the The telegraph of the day earlier this week.

Johnson and Justin Rose are among the top players who have been offered huge financial incentives to join separatist SGL, a move that could result in their exclusion from the regular circuits.

PGA Tour to Suspend and Deport Players Entering ‘Golf Super League’ |  Golf news

Dustin Johnson reportedly offered huge sums of money to join a Golf Super League

PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan addressed players ahead of this week’s Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow, with Golf Channel sources indicating that any professional who joins SGL “will face immediate suspension and possibly permanent expulsion from the Tour”.

Monahan has yet to release any official statement regarding the prospect of new competition amid rumors that several Florida-based players have been approached by SGL officials in recent weeks.

But European Tour chief executive Keith Pelley issued a statement condemning the apparent plans, while also revealing that the main investors behind SGL had made “a very convincing offer” to take over the European Tour.

PGA Tour to Suspend and Deport Players Entering ‘Golf Super League’ |  Golf news

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“We are aligned with the PGA Tour in opposing, in the strongest possible terms, any proposal for an alternative golf league,” the statement read from Pelley.

“Since the launch of our strategic alliance last November, our two organizations have been working together to make world golf less fractured and not create an additional division, with the interests of all players and fans at the forefront of our thinking.”

Plans for a Premier Golf League gathered pace early last year, but draw star Rory McIlroy, who was world No.1 at the time, said he would not be interested in joining the competition.

McIlroy was at first skeptical when he was first asked about the proposals at the Farmers Insurance Open, when he also admitted that he was first approached to discuss an “escaped” tour to the end of the 2014 season.

PGA Tour to Suspend and Deport Players Entering ‘Golf Super League’ |  Golf news

Rory McIlroy insisted he would drop proposals for a separatist golf league last year

“The more I thought about it, the more I don’t like it,” McIlroy said in February. “I read something the other day where he said if you take the money they can tell you what to do, so if you don’t take the money they can’t tell you what to do. And I think that’s my thing, I’ve never been the type to be told what to do, and I love having this autonomy and freedom throughout my career, and I feel like I would give that up and go play in that other league.

“For me, I’m away. My position is that I’m against it until a day comes when I can’t be against. If everyone’s going I might not have a choice, but at this point, yes, I don’t like what they come up with. “

PGL plans were apparently put on hold when the sport was shut down by the coronavirus pandemic, but renewed reports of a “Super” league are expected to dominate discussions at Quail Hollow this week.

Former US Open champion Webb Simpson was the first player to be asked by the media about SGL’s alleged plans, and he described the proposals as “pretty far-fetched.”

PGA Tour to Suspend and Deport Players Entering ‘Golf Super League’ |  Golf news

Webb Simpson asked about SGL’s announced plans ahead of Wells Fargo Championship

“The last two years have been interesting with this other league,” said Simpson. “I don’t go into details at all, I let my agent take care of everything, but from the start it seemed like something that seemed quite far-fetched to happen and upset the way golf has always been. .

“So I don’t have up-to-date information, I guess, on how it’s progressed over the past couple of months. I haven’t really talked about it since the Players Championship. I love the PGA Tour. This has given me an incredible opportunity for the past 12 years of my life.

“It’s hard for me to believe that this is really going to happen and that the guys are really going to jump ship and take a whole different way of golf than we’ve always had.”

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