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Petrol car ban could be delayed as Rishi Sunak waters down net-zero emissions pledges

But some Tory MPs are reportedly considering writing letters of censure towards the Prime Minister if he goes ahead with the changes.

Chris Skidmore, a Conservative MP and former energy minister, told the Financial Times: “We will remember this moment as Sunak’s slow-motion car crash. »

Former Cop26 president Sir Alok Sharma has warned that rolling back climate action “won’t help economically or electorally”.

Meanwhile, former minister Sir Simon Clarke tweeted that it was in the Conservative Party’s interests to “ensure we take the lead on this issue rather than reneging on it”.

Mr Skidmore, who led a review of net zero last year, warned Mr Sunak would make “the biggest mistake of his term” if he went ahead with the planned changes.

“If true, the decision will cost the UK jobs, inward investment and future economic growth that could have been ours by engaging in the industries of the future,” he said.

“This could destabilize thousands of jobs and see investment go elsewhere. And ultimately those who pay the price will be households, whose bills will remain higher due to the inefficiency of fossil fuels and their dependence on the instability of international fossil fuel prices.

A government spokesperson said: “The government remains fully committed to its net zero commitments, with the UK having reduced its emissions faster than any other G7 country.

“Our approach will always be pragmatic and ensure that costs are not passed on to hard-working families. We will not comment on speculation.

Mr Sunak is facing backlash from other quarters over the plans, first reported by the BBC, with a Conservative MP telling Sky News they were “seriously considering” submitting a letter of censorship.

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