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‘Peril!’  The nominee leaves guest host Aaron Rodgers laughing with a troll-tastic response

This “Jeopardy!” the guest host got trolled in his first episode … Who’s Aaron Rodgers?

The Packers quarterback started his “Jeopardy!” Monday night, and while the game wasn’t that competitive, a contestant made it memorable. As “Final Jeopardy” approached, returning champion Scott Shewfelt ($ 9,300) knew he couldn’t catch Brandon Deutsch ($ 22,300) even if he doubled his total, so he took the opportunity to trolling the hell out of Rodgers.

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After revealing that the category was “Daytime TV Personalities,” Rodgers shared this clue, “In accepting an Emmy feat, he said, ‘Just take … 10 seconds to think about the people who helped you out. become who you are ”.

The correct answer was, “Who is Mr. Rogers?” Shewfelt decided to go with, “Who wanted to throw this basket?”

The public immediately recognized that Shewfelt was referring to Packers coach Matt LaFleur’s decision to go for a basket over a touchdown at the end of the 2021 NFC Championship game against the Buccaneers. Green Bay reduced Tampa Bay’s lead to five but never recovered the ball, and the Bucs won that game and Super Bowl 55.

“That’s a great question,” Rodgers said. “It should be correct, but unfortunately for this game today it is incorrect.”

Rodgers took it all in stride, even admitting that he wanted Shewfelt to become a complete troll.

“I can see on the podium, and I was like, ‘Please put something on the field basket on this,'” Rodgers told Shewfelt. “You will always be in my book, my friend. My first show, and that’s what you said at the end. Thanks for that.”

Not a bad first episode for Rodgers. In fact, it was enough, pretty good.

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