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People of Quimper, the dying culture greets you!  – Quimper

Irreproachable even in death! In front of the Cornouaille Theater, in Quimper, an artist grabs the megaphone and calls to respect the distance of one meter within the procession which sets off. It is 11:30 a.m. this Saturday. There will soon be a hundred, most of them dressed in black, to meditate and walk behind the four bearers of the funeral urn.

The allegory is clear: according to the Cornouaille Occupé collective, culture, if necessary, was reduced to ashes by the prefectural decree published on Thursday. The agoras, these moments of free speech organized on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, should not be used as a pretext for picnic-type gatherings, concerts or shows. Any festive dimension is now prohibited.

“We are being deprived of our advocacy tools”

After the small moments of freedom brought by Régis Huiban, Gazoline, Capitaine Alexandre, K-Smile, the Diaminé company or even Red Cardell, the decision is difficult to pass. Recalling the fight for the reopening of cinemas, theaters, museums, but also the extension of the white year for intermittent workers and the repeal of the unemployment insurance reform, the Galician singer Carolina deplores: “These are our advocacy tools that we are being deprived of! “.

In the eyes of this participant, a lot of gravity. The collective will remind you several times during the march: “This is not a show”. (The Telegram / Thierry Charpentier)

Funeral parade

The idea of ​​a burial “of the loved one to our souls, the culture”, then seemed to them the best way to respond to this new setback, incarnation in their eyes “of the pinnacle of a degenerative political disease which has started a year ago ”. To the sound of a drum, the funeral march joined the outskirts of the covered market. Surrounded by three sad clowns, the poet Isa L’Helgouac’h summons Pier Paolo Pasolini. She declaims: “What is life if you don’t stop for a moment to rethink it?” “. Spontaneously, passers-by come to express their solidarity. A certain gravity reigns. Several times, Carolina reminds the megaphone that this is not a show. The demonstration returns to the esplanade of the Cornouaille theater.

People of Quimper, the dying culture greets you!  – Quimper
Return of the procession on the esplanade of the Théâtre de Cornouaille. (The Telegram / Thierry Charpentier)

“I have the slab of shows”

To the sound of a requiem played by a few musicians, “the family of the deceased from concerts and shows” settles around the funeral urn. Yann, in charge of production for circus and theater companies, and “in charge of difficulties for a year”, takes care of the prayer. In memory of “all those good times which, since the beginning of the occupation of the theater, had given rise to a glimmer of hope”, he asked for a minute’s silence. Testimonies from Quimpérois reached the collective are then read. Among the quotes: “I dance in the void. Where do we meet? “Or” I have the slab of shows “.

People of Quimper, the dying culture greets you!  – Quimper
As a funeral oration, the singer of Galician origin Carolina has performed magnificently “Barco negro”, a fado by Amalia Rodrigues. (The Telegram / Thierry Charpentier)

Big ceremony on May 1st

Carolina takes the microphone and performs magnificently “Barco negro”, a fado of circumstances. Then several artists and intermittents come, one after the other, to pour a dome of ashes into the hair. Gravity flies away for a moment when Yann announces that “the resurrection of shows and concerts” is hoped for. Some participants sketch out dance sections on “Kesta Monique”, the crazy piece of the Jacquart brothers (cover of “Get down on it” by Kool and the Gang). The collective makes an appointment on Wednesday morning for a new agora, and announces “a great ceremony” for May 1st.

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