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Pentagon presents chip to be inserted under skin to detect Covid-19

The Pentagon has created a subcutaneous implant, which would be able to detect the presence of Covid in people without any symptoms. The army, which hopes to “change the situation”, ensures that it is not a question of “following your every move”.

In an interview with the American news program 60 minutes On April 11, Pentagon officials presented to the public the technological advances of the US military to fight pandemics, and more specifically against Covid-19. With the flagship solution: the development of a chip to be inserted under the skin, which would be able to detect the presence of Covid in a person’s body, even before they show symptoms.

“We are pushing the scientific community to find solutions that may sound like science fiction. And we are willing to take risks with high risk investments that might not work. But if they work, we can completely change the situation, ”says Colonel Matt Hepburn, a doctor specializing in infectious diseases, who spent years with the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), the discreet research agency and development of new technologies for the US military.

According to Matt Hepburn, the process would effectively prevent contamination, as was the case for example last year on theUSS Theodore Roosevelt, when 1,271 soldiers had contracted the Covid-19: “What would have been if the state of health of everyone on board had been monitored with this subcutaneous implant, currently in advanced phase of testing?”

“Not a government chip to follow your every move”

“It’s a sensor. That tiny green thing in there, you put it under your skin and what it tells you is that there are chemical reactions inside the body that signal that you are going to have symptoms tomorrow. It’s like a “check engine” light, ”says Matt Hepburn as he takes the prototype to reporters.

Aware of the legitimate questions about the violation of privacy that such an implant involves, the head of DARPA tried to be reassuring. “It’s not a dreaded government chip to track your every move, but a tissue-like gel designed to constantly test your blood,” he said without dwelling on the subject.

DARPA also claims to have created a filter, which installed on a dialysis machine would be able to remove Covid-19 from the blood. “You’re running someone’s blood through that. This eliminates the virus and reintroduces the blood, ”explains Matt Hepburn, specifying that he tested the process successfully on a patient, the wife of a soldier.

However, there is nothing to say that this ambitious project received a very favorable reception among the American troops. At the end of February, the New York Times reported that a third of the soldiers had refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19, either because of their concerns about the reliability of the vaccines, or more simply in the idea of ​​defending their individual freedom.

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