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Pentagon halts all border wall construction projects funded with military funds

WASHINGTON – The Biden administration announced on Friday that it would cancel all construction on the border wall that has been paid for using redirected military funds, a Defense Department spokesperson said.

The Trump administration increased its use of Defense dollars to build parts of the border wall after Congress refused to allocate money to the project in early 2019.

Pentagon deputy spokesman Jamal Brown said on Friday: “In accordance with [President Biden’s] proclamation, the Ministry of Defense is canceling all border fence construction projects funded with funds originally intended for other military missions and functions such as military children’s schools, military construction projects in the United States. ‘foreigner in partner countries and the National Guard and Reserve equipment account. “

It was not immediately clear whether the Biden administration’s plan would definitively carry all wall construction projects along the southern border, such as those funded from the Homeland Security Department’s budget, but these plans remain in place. pause.

At the same time, the Department of Homeland Security announced that it will begin repairing damage caused by the construction of the border wall to the flood barrier system in the Rio Grande Valley and soil erosion in San Diego. DHS said it would soon complete a plan to identify additional areas damaged by the construction of the border wall.

As a candidate, Biden pledged not to build “another foot” of a border wall. Once in office, he suspended all border wall construction and ordered a 60-day review to examine how military funds had been redirected to wall construction, but the review dragged past the deadline. .

Pentagon halts all border wall construction projects funded with military funds

In the meantime, a Texas judge agreed to give the government private land in Hidalgo, County, for the construction of a wall, as the seizure of the land had begun under the previous administration and the Biden administration n had not finished his exam.

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