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Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro launches Democratic gubernatorial bid


Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat who gained national notoriety after investigating sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and pushing back against lies about voter fraud, has launched a campaign for governor.

“I understand people feel like our politics are divided and shattered right now, but we can’t just take our ball and go home,” Shapiro said in a video declaring his candidacy on Wednesday. “There is too much at stake.” We all have a responsibility to show up, stand up and fight for what is right. “

President Joe Biden narrowly won the Pennsylvania battlefield in 2020, toppling a state that Donald Trump won in 2016. The state will be one of a series of states won by Biden – including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin – where the 2022 Governors Races will be closely watched. clues leading to the next presidential election.

Democratic Governor Tom Wolf is on a limited term in 2022, and Shapiro, 48, has long been seen as a pioneering candidate and his party’s best option to succeed him. Republicans, meanwhile, have a big gubernatorial primary brew, with former Rep. Lou Barletta – a losing Senate candidate in 2018 – and Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale among the nominees.

Shapiro made frequent appearances on national television after last year’s presidential election to denounce Trump’s false claims that he was robbed of a second term.

“There are already Republicans running for governor who want to lead us down a dark path, undermine free and fair elections, remove voting rights and permanently divide us,” Shapiro said in his video. “It’s the kind of divisive politics that prevents real problems from being solved.”

Barletta quickly responded to Shapiro’s launch on Wednesday morning.

“He has no real world experience and would lead Pennsylvania even further in the wrong direction than Wolf,” Barletta said in a statement emailed by his campaign. “The Pennsylvanians are in desperate need of change. I look forward to sharing my positive outlook with voters – Republicans, Democrats and Independents – and how we can come together to restore common sense to the Commonwealth. “