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Pascal Praud attacks the mayors of Nantes and Rennes – Rennes

CNews star journalist Pascal Praud once again invited Éric Zemmour to the air on Thursday morning. A moment that he then extended with several of his usual debaters during his program “The hour of the pros”. And the TV host took the opportunity to send a message not necessarily the most pleasant to the PS mayors of Nantes, Johanna Rolland, moreover Anne Hidalgo’s campaign manager, and from Rennes, Nathalie Appéré. At the heart of its “development”: the way of doing politics.

“Zemmour hits French society. He plays politics. The politicians today, the Anne Hidalgo, the Johanna Rolland, the mayors of Rennes (Sic), culturally, intellectually … I mean, they do not or they do not bring the debate to where it should be on the sense of politics. “

Éric Zemmour too …

The reference to the two mayors of the west is undoubtedly no accident. Originally from Nantes, we know Pascal Praud attached to his native region. But it is all the more disturbing that Eric Zemmour, himself, evokes on several occasions the two elected in his last book “France did not say its last word”. And in unpleasant remarks: “In recent years, while their socialist mayors have welcomed many migrants, Rennes and Nantes have acquired a reputation of cutthroat where thefts, rapes and assaults are increasing. As if Johanna Rolland and Nathalie Appéré were the preferred target – in addition to Anne Hidalgo – of the polemicist among the mayors of large French cities. And therefore now Pascal Praud.

Probably traveling at the end of the month in Brittany, the presidential candidate Zemmour will perhaps explain his passion for the two metropolises of Loire Atlantique and Ille-et-Vilaine.