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Parts of Chicago and suburbs face flooding after morning showers

CHICAGO — Heavy rains Sunday caused flooding and poor visibility on roads in and around Chicago.

On the Near West Side, the overpass near West Kinzie Street and Ashland Avenue was inundated by floodwaters, but cars with flashing hazard lights were still seen crossing it and at least one driver was was forced to abandon his vehicle.

Heavy rain made East 130th Street in South Deering impassable, so Chicago police had to block the road, but some drivers still attempted to navigate the standing water.

Even those who turned around before getting stuck found themselves frustrated by the road conditions.

“I was going to work and I couldn’t get through. I tried to go down 130th Street, I tried to go down State Street,” said Melissa Musial, a driver who was trying to navigate the flooded roads. “Torrance Avenue was completely flooded. I’ve been sitting here in my car for hours.

In Calumet City, firefighters had to rescue drivers stranded in floodwaters.

Residential blocks near Luella Avenue and Sibley Boulevard were underwater.

“On the face of it, people don’t need their cars, they need boats,” said resident Christopher Moore.

As the rain intensified throughout the day, the Pete’s Market parking lot began to resemble a river.

“I’m trying to start Instacart and I can’t make my money. I can’t even enter the store. It’s so bad,” said Melissa Maybell, another resident affected by the flooding.

Businesses in the shopping center along Sibley Boulevard were also affected by the flash floods.

“The water came in the door from the front and we ended up with two inches of water on our floor, and now we’re cleaning it up,” said Fredrick Walls, owner of Highly Flavored Chicago City Grill.

Rain is expected to persist through the evening, according to the National Weather Service.

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