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Paris denounces an act “extremely serious” but which “can happen” – RT in French

The hijacking of Danish intelligence systems by the NSA to spy on European officials will be denounced if proven, with “consequences in terms of cooperation” with the United States, according to Secretary of State Clément Beaune.

The spying of European officials by the American services aided by Denmark would be “extremely serious” if it were proven, estimated on May 31 the French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, the day after the revelations of public television Danish. The representative of the French government said he did not know the identity of the French who were allegedly spied on.

“It is extremely serious, it is necessary to check if our partners of the EU, Danes, made errors or mistakes in their cooperation with the American services […]. And then on the American side, see if indeed there was listening, spying on political leaders, ”he declared on France Info, not ruling out the idea of“ drawing the consequences in terms of cooperation ”with the United States.

This kind of behavior, unfortunately, can happen

“We are not in a world of Care Bears, so this kind of behavior, unfortunately, can happen, we will verify it”, he also declared. “There could indeed be a number of diplomatic protests,” he added, but even if “there is a serious journalistic investigation, one must first verify the accuracy of the facts, the extent of the facts, the potential seriousness of the facts, ”Clément Beaune insisted.

According to an investigation by Danish state television DR made public on May 30, the United States National Security Agency (NSA) used a partnership with Denmark’s foreign intelligence unit to spy on senior officials of the United States. neighboring countries, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French officials.

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