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Paris criticizes Danish plan to relocate its asylum request centers – RT en français

Denmark adopted a law on 3 June to relocate its centers for asylum seekers outside Europe. “These are not European values”, protested Paris, which qualifies this new measure of “chimera” and “illusion”.

Denmark’s decision to relocate its asylum seekers’ centers outside Europe is a “chimera”, a “very serious drift” and a “political error”, ruled on June 10 the French Secretary of State for European Affairs. . “It’s a chimera […] a false trail, an illusion. Don’t make Europeans believe […] that it is in Africa that the asylum request will be processed, ”insisted Clément Beaune on the Public Senate channel.

Paris denounces a “political error”

“It is a political error,” he added, deploring that this decision was also taken by the Social Democratic government of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen.

“We often receive lessons of humanity from many European social democratic parties. Frankly there, we have a drift which is very serious ”, he added.

Denmark adopted a law on 3 June providing that any asylum seeker in this country, once their request has been registered and with a few rare exceptions, such as a serious illness, be sent to a reception center outside the Union. European.

The migrant will then remain in this host country if he obtains in fine refugee status. And if he does not get it, he will be asked to leave the host country.

The Danish government claims to discuss with five to ten countries, unidentified. The names of Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia circulate in the Danish press. But it is above all with Rwanda that the discussions seem to be the most advanced.

“Is it acceptable on a human level and even in terms of efficiency to create camps for migrants, who potentially have the right to asylum, in countries which are in Africa, which are already in trouble ? Honestly, I believe that these are not European values, ”Clément Beaune insisted.

“Refugees fleeing war, political persecution” will hear themselves say “we are going to have your asylum request, your” reception “processed by a country which is more than 10,000 kilometers away, with which you have no no link, ”he was still moved.

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