Paradox’s Life By You canceled following early access delay

Life through youthe potential of Paradox Interactive The Sims 4 competitor, was canceled. Paradox Interactive Deputy CEO Mattias Lilja announced the game’s cancellation in a post on the publisher’s forum. “Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel the release of our long-awaited life simulation. Life through you, » Lilja wrote. “This was an incredibly difficult decision to make and is a clear failure on Paradox’s part to meet our own and the community’s expectations. »

Life through you was last scheduled for early access release on June 4, but Paradox delayed the game indefinitely on May 20. The May delay was the third time the early access release had been pushed back – it was first scheduled for September 2023, March 5, and then June. 4. Lilja said the game had “incremental improvements” with each delay, but that the path to release was “far too long and uncertain.” Here’s Lilja on the delay:

A few weeks ago, we decided to delay the release of an early access version in order to re-evaluate Life through you, as we still felt the game was lacking in some key areas. Although a deadline extension was an option, once we took that break to take a broader view of the game, it became clear to us that the path to a release we were confident in was far too long and uncertain. . This isn’t to say that the game didn’t show any promising qualities; Life through you had a number of strong points and the hard work of a dedicated team who worked to achieve them. However, when we get to a point where we feel that more time won’t get us close enough to a version that we would be happy with, then we think it’s best to stop. This is obviously difficult and disappointing for everyone who has devoted their time and enthusiasm to this project, especially when our decision comes so late in the process.

Ultimately, our job is to release games that are fun, interesting, and challenging for our players, and every decision we make should be made with that goal in mind. When we succeed, we earn our salary. So how can we make sure we don’t end up here again? Honestly, there are no real guarantees. Games are hard to get right, and we will certainly make mistakes that, as these things unfold, always become painfully apparent in hindsight, but still shouldn’t reach that kind of magnitude. We need to take a long, hard look at what got us here and see what changes we need to make to become better. Ultimately, our mission remains the same and we will continue to take whatever steps are necessary to achieve it.

In a press release posted on the Paradox Interactive website, CEO Fredik Wester said that a version of Life through you which met the publisher’s expectations was “too far”. Paradox Interactive expects its second-quarter financial results to be “negatively impacted” by the write-down of the game’s development costs – adding to the poor performance of recent releases, according to Wester.

“We’ve had poor results in recent releases,” Wester said. “Even though we are now starting new projects in a different way, it is clear that we need to make further changes so that the quality is more consistent and the promises we make to our players are kept. We need to evaluate how we manage projects and how we organize ourselves, because we will and must improve. We have a very strong financial position and a solid portfolio of core games, which allows us to remain confident about our future.

Paradox announced Paradox Tectonic, the studio responsible for developing Life through youin 2019. Led by former Sims frontman and Second life Linden Labs creator, CEO Rod Humble, Paradox Tectonic officially announced Life through you in 2023. Life through you was to break away from the popular genre of life simulations with deeper role-playing elements. With the cancellation of Life through youthis genre has become a little less frequented – but there is always Paravives, inZOI, René Project (a.k.a The Sims 5) and an unnamed life simulator from Midsummer Studios.

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